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Buying Lawn Rollers

by Gregory McDonald on 09/04/11

Lawn rollers are an essential piece of equipment for people who want an attractive, flat, professionally groomed-looking lawn. Lawn rollers level ground to allow for more precise mowing, as well as to pack new seeds and sod. Annual lawn rolling is not required. You will know that you need to use your lawn roller when you notice bumps in your lawn. It's also a good idea to use your lawn roller when you want to reseed or add new sod to your lawn.

  1. Benefits

    • There are various benefits to lawn rolling. Lawn rolling fixes lawn damage that occurs as a result of "frost heaving," which is a result of expanding and contracting soil due to freezing and thawing in the wintertime. It also assists in sod laying. It creates a smoother lawn that makes mowing much easier. Also, if you lawn-roll after seeding, you get improved "soil to seed" contact.


    • There are various different types and sizes for lawn rollers. In general, they are made of polyethylene, steel or concrete. They are very heavy; when they are filled, they can often weigh a few hundred pounds, so be very careful when you use them. Also, if you don't want to purchase your own lawn roller, it is often available for rent.

    Expert Insight

    • Lawn rollers are very easy to find, either from chain hardware stores such as Home Depot or by looking online. Many online retailers have good, diverse selections of high quality lawn rollers. Lawn rollers can range in price from about $120 to approximately $270 (on average they are about $160, however).


    • Lawn rollers are not only used to make the lawns of private residences beautiful, but they often are used to make golf courses look immaculately groomed. Many landscaping and ground care surfaces also routinely utilize lawn rollers.

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1. Aaron Thomas said on 9/10/11 - 12:37PM
This helped me in making my decision to buy a lawn roller. It really works in taking out the bumps in the lawn

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