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Drywall Carts

by Gregory McDonald on 09/25/11

One of the newest Drywall carts to come on the market is a drywall cart by McDonald Manufacturing. What is unique about this new cart is ability to be shipped in a collapse form. This saves freight cost because you are not paying for dimensional weight rates. Product code is 45C and cart comes in box that is 50 inches by 8 inches by 26 inches. It still maintains its rigid constructions. Assembly required is only 4 bolts and nuts for frames and 4 casters have 4 nuts. Average assembly time is 10 minutes.







Buying a Fence Post Driver

by Gregory McDonald on 09/10/11

Take the time to plan your next fence project, choosing the right materials and tools for setting the posts you will save your back and will be able to set back and relax while enjoying your new quality fence.

Fence Post Drivers-Tips for using them properly

When you are planning your next fencing project, you are going to need to use a fence post driver to help get the posts down into the ground successfully. However, if you've never used a post driver before, you could find yourself in a position that you would rather not be in. You could end up having to replace fence posts, or have problems getting your fence panels secured to the posts properly. To avoid these situations, you will want to take a look at a few of the tips we've listed below, that come from experience from using different fence post drivers and finding ourselves in the same spot.

Tip 1) Let The Weight Of The Fence Post Driver Sink The Posts - When you are using a fence post driver, you are going to be tempted to put your weight, and extra power into driving the posts. This is a common occurence because you are going to have the urge to get through the job quicker. However, what you will end up doing is damaging the top of the posts, making it hard for you to attach the fence panels properly, or even have to replace the posts, costing you more money.

Tip 2) Dig A Pilot Hole To Make Sinking Them Easier - One way that you can make your job easier is to start by digging pilot holes where the fence posts will be located. These pilot holes will keep the fence posts in an upright position, and allow you to use more leverage from the driver, in order to sink them faster. You can use a post hole digger for the pilot holes, to make your job even easier. If you don't have access to a hole digger, a simple shovel, and a 6"deep pilot hole works just as well.

Tip 3) Mark The Post Layout And Soak The Ground To Allow For Easier Driving - While you are laying out the fence, take the time to mark where the posts are being placed with brightly colored spray paint. The day before you begin putting the fence in place, take a garden hose and soak the areas where you are going to place the holes. To ensure you have an easier time, repeat this process a few times throughout the day, and allow the water to soak into the ground. This will make driving the posts incredibly easy.

Note: Be safe and always keep both hands on handles.

Buying Lawn Rollers

by Gregory McDonald on 09/04/11

Lawn rollers are an essential piece of equipment for people who want an attractive, flat, professionally groomed-looking lawn. Lawn rollers level ground to allow for more precise mowing, as well as to pack new seeds and sod. Annual lawn rolling is not required. You will know that you need to use your lawn roller when you notice bumps in your lawn. It's also a good idea to use your lawn roller when you want to reseed or add new sod to your lawn.

  1. Benefits

    • There are various benefits to lawn rolling. Lawn rolling fixes lawn damage that occurs as a result of "frost heaving," which is a result of expanding and contracting soil due to freezing and thawing in the wintertime. It also assists in sod laying. It creates a smoother lawn that makes mowing much easier. Also, if you lawn-roll after seeding, you get improved "soil to seed" contact.


    • There are various different types and sizes for lawn rollers. In general, they are made of polyethylene, steel or concrete. They are very heavy; when they are filled, they can often weigh a few hundred pounds, so be very careful when you use them. Also, if you don't want to purchase your own lawn roller, it is often available for rent.

    Expert Insight

    • Lawn rollers are very easy to find, either from chain hardware stores such as Home Depot or by looking online. Many online retailers have good, diverse selections of high quality lawn rollers. Lawn rollers can range in price from about $120 to approximately $270 (on average they are about $160, however).


    • Lawn rollers are not only used to make the lawns of private residences beautiful, but they often are used to make golf courses look immaculately groomed. Many landscaping and ground care surfaces also routinely utilize lawn rollers.

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Buying a Compost Spreader

by Gregory McDonald on 09/04/11

Which Compost Spreader Should You Get?

There are a number of different composer spreader products available, many of which are incredibly expensive (far too much, in fact, for the simple service they render).

But one brand and model in particular is worth your further exploration from McDonald Manufacturing named Compost Spreader.

This is a simple enough device, made from:

A two pronged handle for easy control. A long neck for better back support. The compost goes into the barrel, you push the barrel around your yard and the perforations allow the compost to scatter little by little. The Compost Spreader is a great little product. It's attractive, super easy to use, and since it's made of metal, it's also long-lasting.

Here is a brief look at some of the Compost Spreader's features and specifications to give you a better idea of whether or not this product may be right for you and your yard:

Barrel size: 24 1/2" wide

18" diameter

Capacity: 4.7 cubic feet of interior space

Weight: 20 pounds

Body: Made from metal with a green powder coat finish



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